Egeperla Shopping Mall

Egeperla, one of the most preferred shopping malls in İzmir;  chose Lampeti lighting products for outdoor, entrance, parking and walking path areas.

Izmit Former Governorate Car Parking and Kent Meydanı Shopping Mall

Both at Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Izmit Former Governorate car parking area and Kent Meydanı shopping mall project, with its modern look, Primum lighting pole series were preferred as the lighting solution

Why can’t we see the stars?

United States Department of Energy; presented the data to the lighting manufacturers to solve the light pollution caused by the blue light spectrum, which is known as the ‘’uplight’’ problem.


Based on our industrial experience since 1979, we aim to make the highest quality products by com- bining cutting edge technology with professional design and engineering solutions. Being a part

of Elsisan Group Companies, at our 10,000 m2 production factory at Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, we aim to create functional products that will be parts of architectural designs.

Lampeti’s experienced team of engineers and designers work along with city planners, architects and construction companies to provide the best of our customizable products.

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